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Billing and Payment

CMU currently offers six payment options, and the first three are the easiest.

If you need financial assistance with paying your utility bill please contact either of the following:

  1. Madison County Citizens Services Agency 601-855-5710
  2. MadCAAP 601-407-1404
  1. Requirements to pay online
  1. Establish an Automatic Payment Authorization (bank draft)
  1. Mail your payment to: P.O. Box 114, Canton, MS 39046
  1. Night depository in front of the main office on Peace Street
  1. Visit our business office at 127 West Peace Street in Canton Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
  1. Pay at the following banks with no handling fee:
Current bills only (paid on or before due date) can be accepted at the above banks. You must have your utility bill with you to pay at the banks and no partial payments or late payments are accepted. No bank payments will be accepted after the 18th.
Total amount due to CMU plus a $25.00 re-connection charge if you are re-connected during regular business hours 8am to 5pm or a $50.00 re-connection charge if after regular business hours.