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Who We Are

Since 1896, CMU has been the POWER behind the City of Lights, Canton, Mississippi. CMU has been the leader in safe and reliable delivery of utility services to the Citizens of the City of Canton and Madison County and is proud to be recognized as one of Mississippi’s top Utility Service Providers. CMU is a loyal member of the Canton Community and continuously strives to create a better customer experience by offering reliable utilities, providing exceptional customer service and anticipating proactively the changing needs of our community.

At CMU we take pride in offering the customers the most affordable and elite services possible in order to surpass our community’s expectations and to steer Canton into a bright future.

CMU is a full service, municipally owned utility company. CMU provides electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater to over 10,500 customers in central Madison County.

Our Values

  • Loyalty: CMU has been a member of the Canton community for 118 years, which helped to develop a strong and enduring relationship between us and our community’s needs.
  • Respect: CMU is committed to the safety of everyone working for, and with our company. We insure constant attention to the needs and concerns of our community.
  • Proactive: CMU is prepared to overcome any seen or unforeseen obstacles in a timely manner insuring that CMU customers receive the most efficient utility services possible.
  • Committed to growth: CMU strives to take Canton into its bright future by committing to expand the infrastructure in order to fit the needs and growth of the community.
  • Foresight: CMU strives to foresee future issues that may arise and develop plans in order to insure the safety and best interest of our customers. Because our customers are our top priority.
  • Stewardship: CMU commits to being a safe keeper of our customers time, trust and money by promising to always keep the customer’s wellbeing at the forefront of all CMU’s decisions.
  • Results-oriented: The focus on continual improvement to ensure better results and respond to the expectations of the community.
  • Ethical rigor: Competence and capacity to work well in order to attain excellence without shortcuts.
  • Social Responsibility:  Individual and collective responsibility towards the society in which we live and, especially, towards the environment. The importance of ensuring that all our actions are transparent and accountable.


In 1896 Canton Lights and Water Works – later know as Canton Municipal Utilities – was formed by the Mayor and Board of Alderman in accordance to the laws of Mississippi, launching a success story that spans generations. Originally envisioned as only a power and water company, the scope of the CMU systems expanded to include gas in 1935 and thus, Canton Lights and Water Works officially became known as Canton Municipal Utilities. Over the last 118 years, CMU has been a pivotal factor in spurring the growth of Canton, Mississippi. Whether it was supplying the city with night lighting in 1913 or aiding with the technical support needed to product the major motion picture A Time to Kill, that helped stimulate Canton’s economy, CMU is a constant servant to the Canton community. Today CMU serves an average of 10,500 residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Through the years, we’ve continued to open new markets for Canton, and played a critical role in economic development throughout Canton and the Madison County area.


The current Board of Commissioners was appointed by the City of Canton’s Mayor and Board of Alderman. Appointed commissioners serve a staggered term of five years.

Board of Commissioners

Chairman – Roberto Williams
Vice Chairman – Sabrina Williams
Commissioner – Jacob Baldwin
Commissioner – Mamie Chin
Commissioner – Kelvish Nason
General Manager – Howard Young
Board Attorney – Lisa Ross
Board Secretary – Tammy Price