Customer Service
Emergencies & Outages
Call Before You Dig


What phone number do I call if my services are interrupted?

Call 601-859-2474

Is my meter read every month?
Yes, it is.
When can I get my deposit back?
When the account is closed and the final bill is paid.
How do I disconnect service?
To discontinue your service, please come by the Business Office (Peace Street) or fax a letter to 601-855-5477. Please include the address to disconnect, the date of disconnection, a contact phone number, your email address and your new mailing address.
How much is my deposit?
For a homeowner it is $200, rental is $300. Mobile home park is $375 depending upon which services you get. For businesses both commercial and industrial, it is based on two months of the highest usage.
How is my sewer charge calculated?
Sewer charges are based on water usage.
What method of payments do we accept?
We accept check, money order, credit card and cash. The credit cards are MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.
Do you offer budget billing?
Yes, if you are a homeowner, have lived at the address for 36 months and have a good payment history.